Our Programs

Alzheimer's Disease Awareness

Alzheimer's Disease Awareness starting with helping caregiver's.

Our starting mission is helping caregivers with all their needs... Caregivers give up their lives to take care of a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease. 

Loving Doves Care

Worldwide Feeding the Hungry, Mental Health/Shelters/Food Pantries/Rehabilitation for the Homeless Veterans and Citizens.

Loving Doves Care's starting mission is to help Alzheimer's Caregivers, Homeless Veteran's, Mental Illness Care for the Homeless, build Food Pantries and Ministry work. 

Celebration of Life

It's time to Celebrate Life... Stay tuned for the Celebration of Life Worldwide Event in Homestead. Florida.

Celebration of Life is a Live Worldwide  Awareness Event in the City of Homestead. Dates TBA.